A summer filled with the sound of squirrels! – Sound Mapping

Sound is important when you are birding or bat spotting, but we can learn a lot about nature from closing our eyes and focusing on distinguishing signals. Our garden has this summer been bursting with the sounds of squirrels playing the trees. If we focused, we could hear them jumping from one branch to the next.

Lots of questions twirl around in your head when you close your eyes and listen.

  • Is it one squirrel?
  • Is it two squirrels chasing each other?
  • Was that an unripe apple falling off the tree?
  • Was the squirrel responsible for the unripe apple falling off the tree?

We have been trying to figure out whether there are kittens hiding somewhere in the birch tree, but we are not sure . . . it is very tricky to spot baby squirrels since they do not leave their nest until they are big and furry. This means that it is very difficult to tell the

Using your biomimicry journal you can write down the sounds. You can make a map of your garden or area in the local park and mark out all the sounds you can hear. How are the sounds related to each other?

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